WE ARE proud our agency is

A Local Design agency in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Being a small business ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to work with a limited budget, unique needs, and requiring specialized solutions in order to achieve a sustainable and hopefully profitable endeavor. This is why we have decided to take a different approach to our targeted audience than all the other design- and marketing agencies out there.

Revaib Design Agency will focus on working with small businesses, and keep a personal relationship with our clients. Our studio are committed to delivering exceptional results and stunning visuals through collaboration conventions and discourse with our clients. By the end of our partnership, we dream that our client has turned into an advocate of our agency and services.

Small-scaled Woman-Owned Rock Hill local Tech-based multicultural


Administrative Director

Elyssa is the goddess of organization and efficiency. With her mesmerizing skills, she can turn any chaotic situation into a seductive symphony of productivity. Elyssa commands respect with her confident and alluring demeanor, and she knows how to make every spreadsheet look sexy. But don’t let her professional demeanor fool you – she’s also got a playful side that will make your heart race. Elyssa is the master of balancing work and play, and with her, every day feels like a tantalizing adventure. She’s the enchantress of our design empire!


Artistic Director

Get ready to witness the art of seduction as our Art Director takes the stage. With a mesmerizing touch, this creative maestro can turn a blank canvas into a sultry masterpiece, a dull project into a tantalizing work of art, and a lifeless day into a steamy celebration of design. Their keen eye for detail, bold experimentation, and devilish charm make them the ultimate design seducer. So, buckle up and get ready to be swept off your feet into a world of breathtaking design with Erik leading the way.


Director of Mental Imagery

James is a human brainstorming machine but with a sexy beard. Our master of rain and fire, the one who makes the dullest product look like a million ducks. Everything inside his frame is so outside-the-box, they make Elon Musk look like a square. And if your idea doesn’t cut it, he’ll tell you straight up (sorry, not sorry). Our Director of Mental Imagery will keep your product safe in his killer marketing hands, and he will take the time to talk to you about all the ducks you need or just woo you over the phone with a beautiful serenade of bird calls, so you understand the nature of the journey ahead. So put on those classy shades, folks, because with James in charge, the future is brighter than ever.

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